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At the current moment PIC2TXT is the only item to download. Watch this space for future developments...
File Description Author Http
PIC2TXT Version 1 (beta) - Windows 95. This program will convert Bitmaps to HTML,RTF & TEXT files. It supports Color & Blackwhite . This program is still in its infancy and currently contains no help whatsoever....It will remain this way unless some $$$'s come my way.
N.B : . Most of this web site was created using Pic2Txt !
ASCII Artpad A demo version of an amazingly small executable. This tool will allow you to create multi-color, 80 x 80 character ASCII text drawings with any font on your system. You can then export the file in a variety of formats (Text, Rich Text, or HTML). And even zoom in and out of your artwork.
(Written in assembler !!)
Chris Hobbs


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